cracking the coding interview 6th edition pdf


Coded interviews are such an important thing in a programmer's life that he can't get rid of it. This is the first step they must take to get the software developer job they need for their school and college days.
To make matters worse, you will find cracking the coding interview 6th edition pdf that many people on the internet say that a coding interview is flawed, the process of hiring programmers is fun, etc., but you don't have to pay attention to them, no. at least at the beginning. of your occupation.
They may be right, but they are inside the train you want to get on. No matter how hard they criticize coding interviews and the programmer hiring process, many of them have come the same way to where they are.

We all know that the Coded Interview System is not perfect and many want to change it, but until it is changed, you must follow its rules to enter the System. This is something seasoned developers have to deal with, as a junior developer it should be your priority to clear the coding interview and get the job you want.
As the author of a Java blog and Medium post, I get a lot of inquiries related to coding problems and how to deal with them, which is why I keep writing articles like this that have helped many programmers directly and directly in their careers.

What to prepare for a coded interview?

Every now and then the confusion I have is clear that a coded interview is important and you shouldn't point it out, let's do a proper job
Well, the most important thing to prepare for are data structure encoding problems, such as array-based encoding problems, wiring problems, connection list problems, binary tree problems, system design problems, etc. .
Instead of questions based on data structure, most of the recorded job interviews ask questions about algorithm, design, bit manipulation, and general logic, which I will describe in this section.
It is important that you practice these concepts, as they are sometimes difficult to resolve in the actual interview. Not only do you practice them before but it gives you more confidence to explain the solution to the interviewer.
One of the main problems with coding problems is that there are hundreds and thousands of coding problems in interviews, there are even sites like LeetCode, HackerRank, Codewars, Topcoder, freeCodeCamp, HackerEarth that train programmers for coded interviews with many questions. difficult. , which sometimes only beats a beginner looking for work.
I believe in simplicity and the 10% effort that produces 90% of the results, which is why I have compiled the top 101 coding problems that are not too rigid and often come up in genuine interviews.
Not only does it give you the confidence to solve these problems, but it also helps you identify some of the most common algorithmic patterns that will help you solve some unprecedented problems in real interviews.

Essential Resources for Coded Interviews

Choosing good resources is very important to the success of your coding interviews.If you choose the wrong resource, rather than money, you will lose valuable time for preparation, so spend some time researching good resources.
If you need suggestions, the following are some of the resources I have to try and learn the data structure and algorithms in depth for coding interviews:
• Data structures and algorithms: Deep Jump using Java for Java developers. Learn about arrays, linked lists, trees, hash tables, stacks, queues, heaps, sort algorithms, and search algorithms

• Python algorithms and structural structures for Python lovers \
A guide to applying the most up-to-date algorithms from scratch: arrays, linked lists, chart algorithms, and classification
• Colt_Steele Masterclassby JavaScript algorithm and data structures for JavaScript programmers. Computer interview and coding Bootcamp are missing. Learn everything you need to do to conduct difficult coding interviews.
• Data structures and master algorithms using C and C ++ for those who are good at C / C ++
• Data structures in Java: a renewal of the interview